Supporting Causes & Causing a Scene
What is G-Team?
Not so long after it was born (2009), Groupon went to seek its fortune in the UK, leaving behind a proud but teary-eyed group action and fundraising platform called The Point. Groupon grew bigger, we found our feet, and discovered how to help local people find theirs, with amazing deals on thousands of new opportunities.
After a desert vision quest where we invoked our ancestral spirits, we are repossessed with The Point's powers. Newly inspired, we've devised a way to connect Groupon users with their communities in a different way—with G-Team. Groupon followers who want to do good, have fun, and make a real impact can now join forces through G-Team campaigns.
True to its roots, G-Team is starting local, in the streets and homes of the UK, enthusing, inspiring, and improving, and aims to include all 7 billion human beings. Campaigns range from ridiculous flashmobs to fundraising drives that boost local community organisations. Every G-Team campaign connects you with enough people to achieve something awesome, which none of us could have done alone.
Campaigns will be shown on all deal pages on the day it runs. You can donate or join the campaign mob. You can share the campaign with your social networks. You can connect your mob with the campaign.